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The Statement of Randolph Carter

HP Lovecraft

The terrifying account of men tampering with forces beyond the reckonings of their imagination, from the master of cosmic horror HP Lovecraft. For years Randolph Carter has lived in the shadow of his mentor Harley Warren, studying those dark occult forces that drive men to madness. When Warren takes him on a quest to delve into more.

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The Tell-Tale Heart

Edgar Allan Poe

4Dio is proud to present the masterpiece of psychological suspense by the master of horror Edgar Allan Poe. Immerse yourself, enter if you dare, into the haunting Gothic world of Poe's darkest imaginings. Here a madman confesses to you of his crime of murder, bringing you into his confidence as he recalls the circumstances and the deed more.

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Buy Jabberwocky on Amazon


Lewis Carroll

4Dio is proud to present the greatest work of nonsense poetry in the English language as living, breathing, roaring drama! Pull up a seat in the tavern, sit there, safe by the fire, for it grows dark in the Tulgey woods. Ah, listen close, for here is the bard, come to regale us with his cautionary tale of that most gruesome monster.

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The Spider and the Fly

Mary Howitt

4Dio is exceedingly pleased to present Mary Howitt's cautionary tale of the predatory spider and the rather imprudent lady fly. Beware as you enter the spiders parlour with all the curious things there, for those who go up his winding stair never come down again!

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The Night Before Christmas

Clement Clarke Moore

4Dio is delighted to celebrate with you Clement Clarke Moore's timeless Christmas poem “The Night Before Christmas”. Enjoy this heart-warming Yuletide tale, for this and every Christmas –ho ho ho!

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How the Whale got his Throat

Rudyard Kipling - Just so Stories:

Performed by Terry Hall, Scott Haney, Victoria Denard and Richard Hollingworth 4Dio is proud to present the first of Kipling's much beloved children's stories about the origins of many splendid things. In this rather fishy tale, oh best beloved, you'll meet a very hungry whale who bites off much more than he can chew with the marine!

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The Charge of the Light Brigade

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

4Dio is proud to present the immortal poem of courage, nobility, honour and sacrifice by poet laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Plunge breathless into the battery smoke, through the blast of cannon fire, the shot and shell and the cruel sabre stroke to ride headlong into history with the valiant six hundred!

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A Red Red Rose

Robert Burns

4Dio is proud to present the Scots song of eternal love by Robert Burns. We walk deep in the glen, where the heather sways and the sun shines through the branches and find two lovers. Though he must journey far away, he swears his only beloved his bittersweet promise that he will return to her one day.

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Dream within a Dream

Edgar Allan Poe

4Dio is proud to present Edgar Allan Poe's emotional poem; a personal meditation on the meaning of reality. Walk with Poe as he wanders the sands where the eternal sea meets the land. As the waves crash and the squall winds rise, reality gives way to darkest imagination.

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